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There is only one success: to be able to spend your life

                         in your own way

Dr. Terry White, ND, MH

Certified NAP/NLP Practitioner

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         We help make the world a better place

Success is a Mindset

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams!
Live the life you've imagined.”

Henry David Thoreau

Where I started and where I am today is as different as night and day.
It is not by chance.
It is not by luck
I wanted to BECOME MORE!
I started with Goals and I had DREAMS and I had a Passion for Helping People
Goals & Dreams are like your Heartbeat....
Tell me how you LIVE
This is the key to our continued Success...
We Go for it and we Get RESULTS!
You can BECOME MORE - Ask us how!
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·  Your Success is only limited by YOU ·


Dr. Terry White 

" The Smartest Decision I Ever Made was to become an Entrepreneur! "

12 Tips For Success

  1. Have and Pursue Focused Goals - Accomplish your Purpose
  2. Review our goals each morning & each evening: This creates your To Do list & helps you focus on ACTIONS that drive your results everyday.
  3. Take decisive and immediate ACTION!
  4. DO results producing activities FIRST not just busy activities.
  5. Make informed decisions based on CREDIBLE sources like the Better Business Bureau etc.
  6.  Don't try to be PERFECT - its a TRAP. Wastes to much time!
  7. Take ACTION that moves you outside your comfort zone!
  8. Keep things simple especially if others have to follow your lead.
  9. Make small continuous improvements to what you do. Always Learn from other SUCCESSFUL people.
  10. Measure your progress every day—Track it (Use that To Do List to keep you on track )
  11. Spend time with Motivated, Inspired, Positive people who are moving forward with their goals too! (hint: THEY HAVE WRITTEN GOALS)
  12. Go ALL out in your purpose—when you do BUSINESS go all out Make things happen Get it done! Why? So that when you are with your Family—you can go ALL out with them.



High Dose Vitamin D 

By: Mark Lange, PhD -Senior Director of Product Quality 
Follow link to view the rest of the article

Vitamin D is known for its effects on bone minerali

zation and immune system support. Currently, we know that intestinal microbiome populations are influenced by diet, stress, antibiotics use, and environment. This open-label pilot study reveals that vitamin D3 may also influence microbiome richness and have a positive influence on gastrointestinal diseases, such as inflammatory bowel disease and bacterial infection. Sixteen healthy volunteers (7 women, 9 men) were endoscopically examined and …(continue with link)

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