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There is only one success: to be able to spend your life

                         in your own way

Dr. Terry White, ND, MH

Certified NAP/NLP Practitioner

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Welcome to Your Motives Momentum Training area

Get Started on the Motives Momentum Accountability Call Each Monday Evening at 8:30 pm
at www.zoom.us   -   Enter the Meeting ID 344-816-6728
Book 90 days of Events - 1 Event every 2 weeks
Power track with these 4 events
1. Motives Event (week 1)
2. Health & Wellness Event (week 2)
3. Shop.com - Sip Shop Save (week 3)
4. Home Business Overview (Week 4) 
Team of 3 - 2 guests per team member - for each week event. 
Private event - exclusive for them 
Repeat for 90 days. 
You will retail and partner 
(Don't Skip this Step)


Success is a Mindset

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams!
Live the life you've imagined.”

Henry David Thoreau

Motives Resources

Use the resources to learn how to ~~
1. Maximize Social Media
2. Develop Retail & Partners
3. Brand Yourself
4.  Duplicate in your organization to 
Get them Paid with Motives & You will get what you want

When someone is interested in coaching follow this process: 
~Say, "We should schedule call with a Trainer. "
~ Get 3 times for a 3 way call between your potential coach, you & Dr. Terry or Coach Teresa 713-857-0087
~Text to the selected Trainer those times to set up the call
~Call the trainer 5 minutes before the scheduled call time to give the Trainer details on your prospective coach partner
We will help you take it from there!

Utilize these Resources 

1. Take advantage of Live Workshops and Training for your Beauty Advisor Certification with Motives Global Certified Trainer Dr. Terry

 757-876-9984, DrTerry@naturalbalanceconcepts.com or
fax: 866-503-5063 

2.  Watch tutorials and training on Meeton.com 
3. Download Motives Workshop Materials from UnfranchiseTraining.com 
Motives Momentum Recorded Calls
Call from December 11, 2016
with Video    :  Audio only

 Specific Motives Retailing  Resource 
Still under construction ...stay tuned

All About Skin

Beauty Basics with the Top 10






All About Eyes & Lips 

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